Graphic Design

your customers prefer the appearance of professionalism

Magazine Ad

Goal was to convery the strengths of the product in a succinct and beautiful way, while also highlighting the experience of using the product.

App Mastery

we use a variety of tools to bring together graphical assets

App Design

An app still in development. We were tasked with providing a user friendly, yet mysterious interface to be used with a mobile app.

Logo Title

A news organization still in development tasked us to provide a simple yet elegant primary logo. The logo can also be animated so that the spotlights cast across the sky.

Logo Design

Our goal was to provide a logo for a charity golf tournament. The assets were produced in Cinema 4D and composited in Photoshop, so that we can animated them in video if needed.

Compelling Visuals

understanding the psychology of consumers is important in visual design

Wine Bottle Design

Using photographic elements and symetric design principles enabled us to put together this design to be used as a wine bottle cover. The photo was composited from an assortment of assets.

Logo Design

Counseling organization Pursuit of Happiness tasked us with designing their principle logo. The idea was for the logo to bring to people the idea of getting past their issues. The setting sun was merged with blue rays that can blink as though an "ah ha" moment is happening.

Planned Details

design is intentional, and calls the target to action

Brochure Design

Another Pursuit of Happiness job, the goal for this brochure was to help this organization reach out to placement agencies who could refer patients to them from the foster care system.

Logo Design

A shielf for an organization of friars needed updates. The design was modeled in Cinema 4D and rendered in Octane render. Additional coloring was done in Photoshop.


you name it, we do it