Whether in the air, on the ground, or rendered in the computer, our video capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

Eye Candy You'll Love

Luxe Media Productions loves delivering compelling images for our clients.  From CG animations to live action, we make sure your vision ups the ante for your bottom line.

2017 Show Reel


Golf Resort Examples

Luxe Media Productions is expanding our offerings to the world of golf and resorts.  We want to help grow the game we are passionate about, and increase customer interest in golf and resorts everywhere.


Pursuit of Happiness

Our task was to convey the awesome decency of such a first rate organization.  These angels do counseling for kids in foster care, and their work couldn't be more important.


Promotional Video

Our goal was to help promote the safety capabilities of this product in the context of what could go wrong on a construction site.  Video fully realized in CG.


Promotional Video

The task was to show off the craftsmanship and technical excellence of this machine.  CG generated elements enabled us to show the tank in ways not possible with traditional video.


Promotional Video

The goal was to show this company's flagship connector and generate interest based on bullet point features, which were also helped along by our consulting process.  American Connectors has experienced explosive growth since trusting their creative content to us.


Promotional Video

These are snippets of various pieces of work we have done over the past year or so.  We shoot in 4k, generate custom computer generated elements, create hyperlapses, and soon will be capable of shooting full 360 Virtual Reality.


Who You Gonna Call?

We want to not only earn your business, but to help it grow.  Your success is our success.  We can help brainstorm a marketing approach that will knock it out of the park.


Product Comparison

Have a competitor that you want to beat?  We can help brainstorm ways to show your customers why choosing your product is the right move.


Product Offering Compilation

This was a compilation video of multiple videos we have done for JDP Manufacturing with the intent of displaying the video on a loop at a trade show.